Problem: No Chapter 2 in sight

I already told this on DA, and I need you to know it as well (since not all of you watch me on DA, obviously…)

I remember when I said “Fuck it, let’s start” when the first Chapter of the fic was proofread. I was like “Well, I’ll come up with the next chapters the more I work!”

The problem is that I WAS UTTERLY WRONG.

To me, making a full, complete story can take me from some months to years (sometimes I don’t know how I could write complete fics in the past…). And now I’m having the same problem.

This first chapter should have 55 pages of comic, more or less, and I’ve posted up to page 30. I’ve got only 25 pages left, and I should have Chapter 2 ready, but… I don’t have it. (There’s also the added problem that for its completion I need to know what happens in Chapters 3, 4 and 5. You’ll know why if I ever complete them.)

I don’t want to enter in a long hiatus! But I don’t know what to do…

*sigh* This makes me somehow depressed, that’s why I still haven’t posted anything.

Thanks for reading.

I won’t be able to submit anything this week, but I want to tell you something.

I think I’ll stop saying when I’m not going to submit stuff. If in a tuesday or wednesday nothing is submitted, something happened.

Thanks for reading.

You can’t keep your mouth shut, Tracy?

I must say TWO things:

  1. My pen tablet has been dying on me several times. This led to the making of just one page this week.
  2. Sorry/not sorry for leaving you with this cliffhanger.

After a not-so-pleasant awakening, it’s time to have breakfast.

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No problem. Your readers are patient. :)
Thank you…!